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  • Read our press release on Olympus' innovative technology for LESS Surgery.

Only Olympus brings you an integrated solution for LESS surgery that delivers exceptional imaging, more flexibility and operational versatility. It's all part of our ongoing commitment to take minimally invasive surgery into the future.

The ENDOEYE FLEX 5 is the world's first autoclavable 5 mm HD deflectable videolaparoscope delivering 100 degree angulation and an 85 degree field of view for exceptional visualization and surgical dexterity. The scope is autoclavable providing significant reprocessing cost savings to the hospital.

The TriPort™ Access System is a multi-instrument access port for laparoscopic surgery that allows up to three instruments to be used simultaneously through a single incision.

EVIS EXERA III® is our most versatile endoscopic video system ever, offering a single platform that's compatible with any Olympus scope, rigid or flexible.

*TriPort+ is a trademark of Advanced Surgical Concepts