Olympus Canada Announces Expansion of Single-Use ENT Product Line

The CELERIS™ Single-Use Sinus Debrider and Celon Elite streamline patient care in an office setting without significant capital investment

Celon ProBreath with the Celon Elite CELERIS(TM) Disposable Sinus Debrider

RICHMOND HILL, ON, (March 27, 2024) – Olympus Canada Inc. (OCI) announced today an expansion of its ENT product line that can help facilitate common otolaryngologic procedures in out-patient settings.

OCI announced the launch of the CELERIS™ single-use sinus debrider system and the Celon Elite and single-use Celon ProBreath for the treatment of hypertrophy of nasal turbinates. The introduction of CELERIS and Celon Elite can help physicians move non-urgent rhinology procedures such as recurring polypectomies and functional endoscopic sinus surgery out of the OR and into their offices.

The CELERIS system contains the only single-use sinus debrider on the market and is indicated for cutting, coagulation, debriding and removal of thin bone and soft tissue in general ENT and sinus procedures. Specific procedures and applications would include turbinoplasty, polypectomy and endoscopic sinus surgery.

The device portfolio offers physicians options, depending on the nature of the procedure. Key features of the CELERIS single-use system include:

  • A standard 4mm device, along with 2mm and 4mm devices with bipolar capability, that allow a physician to manage incidental bleeding without the need to change instruments.
  • A 4mm device with a user-bendable tip can replace multiple blade changes during a normal procedure. It can be bent up to 60 degrees, allowing a physician to reach more places without having to switch devices mid-procedure.
  • The highly compact reusable power pack plugs into a standard wall outlet.

Celon ProBreath is the bipolar radio-frequency induced thermotherapy applicator for the treatment of hyperplastic nasal turbinates. Celon ProBreath facilitates short procedures with only a few seconds needed for coagulation during an outpatient procedure that can be done under local anesthesia, offering an option to those who don’t wish to undergo full anesthesia.1

As with all electrosurgery instruments, inappropriate use can cause damage to tissue, both electrically and thermally.2

Common ENT conditions such as rhinosinusitis affect an estimated 3.5 million adults annually in Canada.3

Canadian hospitals are moving more non-urgent procedures into clinics and doctor’s offices to alleviate the stress and wait times on operating rooms. A study looking into how long Canadians wait for specialty care showed the median wait time to see an otolaryngologist following a referral was 56 days.4 Another study examining wait times by specialty showed that otolaryngology saw one of the larger increases in wait time between 2022 and 2023. It’s estimated that patients wait about 35 weeks between referral by a general practitioner to treatment.5

The compact and portable designs of the CELERIS system and Celon Elite offer the flexibility of performing less invasive procedures in nearly any treatment room and are designed to eliminate the need to schedule costly OR time. The single-use design of the debrider and ProBreath also eliminates reprocessing and maintenance costs.

“As more and more non-urgent procedures are moving out of the traditional hospital setting, Olympus Canada is positioning itself as a strong physician partner to help make the transition,” said Mike Lauzon, OCI Medical Business Unit Vice President. “Solutions such as the CELERIS System and Celon Elite offer simple setup to facilitate routine procedures, and patients will appreciate the convenience of an in-patient procedure that helps relieve symptoms associated with nasal congestion and sinusitis.”

For more information, please visit the CELERIS, Celon Elite and Celon ProBreath product pages or the ENT product page for the entire Olympus ENT portfolio.


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