Changing Lives Every Day

“I’ve been working on construction projects in Haiti for the past ten years,” said Barry Moseley, an integration engineer at Olympus. “On one of my recent trips, we were building a house in a small village and a missionary there told me that the medical clinic there had no internet service. They were also constructing a school at that time that would be without any type of online connection.”

“Based on my background as an AV systems design engineer, I knew I could help them get the connection they needed for medical training, education, and general interaction with the outside world. What I ended up researching, designing, and building was a satellite system that would provide internet service to the clinic and the school.”

“These systems are critical for reliable outside communication, obtaining treatment information from the internet, online training, and the education of the Haitian people.”

“About a year later, plans started for a second clinic in a remote mountain village and I was asked to complete a similar system for that project. Since completing these installations, I’ve returned to these sites multiple times to assist with satellite adjustments, software updates, and system upgrades. I have also been able to provide system training to the Haitians that work for the relief centers.”

Barry Moseley

“It’s a good feeling to know that these efforts help provide care to the sick, educate young people, train doctors and nurses, and provide jobs for the people of Haiti.”

“Olympus encourages volunteer work and provides us with community service hours, so I am able to take advantage of that when I make my trips to Haiti. I also do a lot of traveling as part of my work with Olympus, and I am able to use my frequent flyer miles to travel to Haiti while using my professional skills to help as many people as I can. It’s all connected.”

Working at Olympus, I’m involved with a company that touches a lot of lives. It’s not just a product we sell—we change people’s lives every day. That means a lot to me.”

Galette Chambon dish Thoman Thoman Thoman Thoman Thoman Clinic Thoman Dish
Galette Chambon dish Thoman Thoman Thoman Thoman Thoman Clinic Thoman Dish