The Future of Surgery is Looking Up

ORBEYE Exoscope

Traditional open microsurgery techniques require the surgeon to visualize the surgical site through the use of a microscope. However, microscopes can cause fatigue and limit the required detailed anatomical visualization to just the surgeons.

Olympus ORBEYE untethers the surgeon from the traditional ocular lens-based microscope so they can experience a more ergonomic and comfortable heads-up posture while operating.

ORBEYE’s small and flexible optical unit can facilitate multiple surgical positions without compromising posture or causing discomfort. This enables surgeons to work side-by-side with their assistants in the same orientation, which optimizes the workflow for multiple surgeons and offers an immersive experience for the entire team. Incorporating the latest advances in 4K 3D video technology, big-screen imaging facilitates teamwork and surgical training and allows for better anticipation of the surgical steps by the team.  

The Next Evolution of Surgical Imaging