Olympus Employee Adopts Special Needs Child from Albania

Company’s Nationally Ranked Adoption Assistance Program Assists Family

Michael and Casey Creyer celebrate the arrival to the U.S. of their adopted son, Augustine, at John F. Kennedy International Airport on December 7, 2018.

CENTER VALLEY, Pa., (November 27, 2019) – Olympus Corporation of the Americas (OCA) is raising awareness of the importance of adoption during Adoption Awareness Month this November by sharing the story of an employee who took advantage of the company’s Adoption Assistance Program to adopt his first child. On December 7, 2018, Michael and Casey Creyer brought their new son Augustine (Gus) home for the first time.

Michael Creyer, Distribution Clerk for Olympus Corporation of the Americas, and his wife Casey traveled thousands of miles to adopt their first child from an orphanage in Albania. The months-long journey entailed an initial two-week visitation period during which Michael and Casey were observed, five court hearings and months of waiting. The couple arrived in Albania September 7 and did not receive the adoption decree until November 23. Living in a rented apartment, they spent their days at the orphanage getting to know the boy who they hoped to take home with them. Casey believes part of the challenge in getting the adoption to move more quickly was a lack of understanding about the harmful effects of prolonged orphanage life. “People didn’t seem to understand why we would want to adopt a child with special needs, and how important it is for kids to have families,” she said.

Before the adoption could be finalized, Michael had to return to the U.S. Casey, who had taken leave from her job as a special education teacher, stayed in Albania to complete the process. With the decree finally in hand on November 23, Casey was able to take Gus out of the orphanage for good. Like any new mother, she was nervous. “I remember being a little panicked that first night in the apartment because he had a little cough. I called the house parent for the adoption agency, who is a nurse, and she helped me figure it out… It was classic first-time mom jitters,” Casey explained.

On November 27, Casey and Gus travelled to the Albanian capital of Tirana to get all of the necessary immigration paperwork completed before their flight home. As with the other paperwork processes, Gus’s Visa and passport took some time. They finally received all the documents at 4PM on Thursday, December 6, just hours before they had to get ready to leave for the airport to fly home.

At long last, Gus arrived in the U.S. on December 7 and was met at the airport by a literal busload of family friends, including dad Michael. “When we got to JFK we were greeted by Michael, my mom, dad, grandpa, nieces and nephews, my brother and sister-in-law, friends—everyone was there to welcome Gus, who recognized his dad right away,” said Casey. “There were lots of tears!”

They are now home almost a year, and three-and-a-half-year-old Gus is thriving. His parents report that he loves swimming, pizza, and music, and he hates it when the TV has to be switched off. He also hates being told no.

OCA’s Adoption Assistance Program provided the maximum reimbursement of $10,000 to Michael and Casey for the adoption. “Considering how much travel and expense was involved, the Olympus program helped us out tremendously,” said Michael.

This year, Olympus was named to the 2019 list of 100 Best Adoption-Friendly Workplaces by the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption for the second consecutive year. This list recognizes organizations that strive to make adoption a supported option for every working parent. Each year, the Foundation publishes the 100 Best Adoption-Friendly Workplaces list. The complete list of all winners can be found here.

“We are thrilled to hear about how the program helped Michael and Casey adopt their first child,” said Nacho Abia, President and CEO, Olympus Corporation of the Americas. “The ability to provide assistance to employees as they embark on such a tremendous journey is a benefit we proudly offer.”


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