A Proven New Direction


COPD affects more than 15 million Americans, including 3.84 million people with emphysema.1 COPD is the third-leading cause of death by disease in the U.S.2

The Olympus Spiration Valve System (SVS) is a proven3 new direction in severe emphysema treatment that helps patients get back to the things they love most in life. Using new innovative endobronchial technology to provide a minimally invasive treatment option, SVS helps these patients be true to themselves again.

The Spiration Valve is a small umbrella-shaped one-way valve that is placed inside the airways of the diseased lung. SVS redirects air away from the areas most affected by emphysema and toward healthier lung areas, allowing the patient to breathe more easily.

SVS offers patients with severe emphysema a customized, minimally invasive treatment option for lung volume reduction with a favorable risk-benefit profile.3

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A Proven New Direction