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Harvard Gynecologist Reviews Olympus® Contained Tissue Extraction System

James Greenberg, MD, is not a paid consultant of Olympus Corporation of the Americas.

User perspectives often provide unparalleled insights into product performance. That’s why we are excited to share this thought-provoking review in a women’s health publication, authored by James Greenberg, MD, Chief of Gynecology and Associate Professor at Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA. 

In “Guardenia: A ‘Really Great Solution’ for Contained Tissue Extraction,” published on MDedge® by OBG Management, Dr. Greenberg shares his opinion and perspective of the design, functionality, and level of innovation of the Guardenia™ Contained Tissue Extraction System.1 

Guardenia Contained Tissue Extraction System
The History

Dr. Greenberg recalls the history of contained tissue extraction as being “an integral part of laparoscopic procedures” during the 1980s and 1990s. However, he reminds readers of the U.S. regulatory warnings released in 2014 related to the risk of using power morcellators during myomectomy or hysterectomy,3 without a containment system, which created the need for a more robust contained tissue extraction solution that is both effective and easy to use. 

Three ‘Musts’ to Gain Traction

Dr. Greenberg offers three must-haves for a device to meet his needs in the OR, and to gain traction in this niche as it relates to contained tissue extraction. He writes that the GuardeniaTM Contained Tissue Extraction System “does a pretty good job” addressing his criteria related to design and functionality. 

Read the full review and see why Dr. Greenberg concludes that “this device is definitely worth a try, and I suspect many surgeons will switch to it from whatever they are currently using.”

The Product

The GuardeniaTM Contained Tissue Extraction System is designed for extracorporeal manual morcellation use during gynecologic procedures. The system is designed to enhance procedural safety in the abdominal cavity during gynecologic procedures with an integrated guard that provides protection around the surgical incision.

The Guardenia System offers a comprehensive approach to contained tissue extraction and deploys through a standard 12 mm trocar. The guard expands during the deployment and create protection against inadvertent damage from sharp instruments around and through the incision.2 

The system is designed to be easy to use, safe, and versatile. Ben Willey, Olympus’ Energy Clinical Specialist II, notes, “If surgeons are working in tight spaces with sharp instruments, it would be [helpful] to protect the working area with layers of protection to prevent adverse events. This is exactly what the Guardenia System [is designed to] offer. You can never have too many safeguards during hand morcellation.”

The Guardenia Contained Tissue Extraction System was added to Olympus Corporation’s product portfolio for gynecologic procedures in September 2022 and is manufactured by Advanced Surgical Concepts (ASC) Ltd. of Bray, Ireland. Olympus America Inc. is the exclusive U.S. distributor of the system.

Beyond the Product

Olympus has a longstanding history within the gynecologic space, and our partnership continues long after the product is shipped. We are dedicated to partnering with gynecologic surgeons to advance women’s health across the continuum of care, making sure to provide the necessary support so that our products can be safely and effectively used as indicated. 

From service and support to ongoing training and learning opportunities, Olympus is your partner of choice in gynecology.

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Potential complications associated with the use of the GuardeniaTM contained extraction system are the same as those associated with the use of tissue or specimen bags, morcellation and laparoscopic surgery in general and include but are not limited to superficial lesions, injury to internal vessels, bleeding, hematoma, injury to the abdominal wall, injury to bowel, infection, peritonitis and spread of benign or malignant tissue.


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