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Beach Cleaning for Earth Day 2021

All year round, Olympus is committed to reducing our carbon footprint in the U.S. and worldwide. This year for Earth Day 2021, our employees are making extra efforts in their local communities. Check out these employees who have made a difference…

Adopt-A-Beach in Galveston, Texas

Recently Jennifer Denison, Asset Management Coordinator for Olympus Scientific Solutions, and friends participated in this year’s Texas Adopt-A-Beach event. This is a day across the Texas coastline where volunteers come out to pick up trash along the coastline to keep our beaches, waters, and nature preserves clean and healthy. Together, her team picked up 30lbs of trash along the seawall in Galveston. 

Jennifer is passionate about keeping her local beaches clean. Earlier in 2020, before the COVID-19 shutdown, Jennifer worked with our HR team in Webster, Texas and had Olympus sponsor a program that she had been participating in for years. The program is organized by Artist Boat – they provide trash barrels to volunteers to create a design and paint on the barrel. They are then placed all over Galveston Island on the beaches and the bays to attract people to throw away their garbage instead of leaving it on the beach or in the bays. Jennifer painted a scene from a sunset from Galveston with the pelicans on behalf of Olympus!

Individual Initiative to Keep Beaches Clean

Annie McGeary, Associate Program Manager of Olympus Community Affairs, has been making a concerted effort to keep the Riviera Beach, Florida community clean all year long. About once a week or so, she goes out and picks up trash that has washed up on the local beaches. 

Preserve and Protect Our Planet

Olympus’ Sustainability Colleague Affinity Network (CAN) encourages these types of activities, not just to honor Earth Day, but to continually work towards a cleaner environment and more sustainable practices. CAN lead David Campbell, Director of Olympus Environmental Health and Safety, says: 

“The Sustainability CAN is dedicated to improving and protecting the natural environment through minimizing the Olympus’ environmental impact, and by raising awareness of how we as individuals, and as a company, can preserve and protect our planet.  The core purpose of Olympus is to make people’s lives healthier, safer, and more fulfilling, and we believe we can help the company achieve those goals by promoting sustainable, environmentally conscious options at work, at home, and in our communities.  Through education, building awareness, and supporting sustainable initiatives, we will help to improve the quality of life for our global community, and also reinforce our reputation as good corporate citizens.We are committed to promoting ways that we, as individuals and as a part of Olympus, can have a positive impact on our environment.”

jennifer denison and friends picking up trash texas adopt a beach illustrated trash barrel front illustrated trash barrel back annie beach clean up
jennifer denison and friends picking up trash texas adopt a beach illustrated trash barrel front illustrated trash barrel back annie beach clean up
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